Celebrating 10 Years at Your Company

Work Milestones – a wake-up call?
Recently a client shared a story. He had received a message that read: “Celebrating 10 years at your company” A work milestone and reminder meant to be congratulatory, but instead stirred mixed emotions. “Had it really been 10 years?” he wondered. He had liked his job. Some years earlier, it was actually fulfilling. But over the years, it turned into “comfortable” “good enough” and ”pays the bills” Then the thought came, “Is there more I can do?”

“Do I stay or go?”
No simple anwers here. Do you take the leap and find a new job – an exciting job, but slightly outside your comfort zone? Maybe you decide to stay but take action, a different role or step up with a promotion. Perhaps you are in the third category – “Just fine where I am, no plans to move up or down.” In this case, it could be meaningful to have a reminder of what you’re capable of – on the best days. This brings us to your CV.

What is your story?
Your CV is more than a list of historical roles and dates. It is the story of your professional journey. The ups and sometimes even the downs that have built your professional self. The CV process begins with examining your career history in a way that considers your future goals and desires. When done well, it is a distillation of your previous work talents and performance and how that translates into your future. It will serve you whether you stay or go. It may surprise you, in an awesome way.

Own your career narrative and avoid the common mistakes that can undermine your CV and job options. Here are a few:

Common Mistakes

  • No career narrative: A list of past work roles is the bare minimum. How the narrative ties together is the difference between an adequate CV and one that commands positive attention. If your CV is a dry list of roles with no narrative thread, it can be be overlooked and opportunities potentially missed.
  • Lost in translation – Swedish to English: When striking a balance between modesty and confidence, keep in mind how cultural differences impact how we present ourselves. A blunt translation can rob your CV of its intended message. It has less to do with “correct” English, and more to do with delivering your clear message. Stop using tired and overused language that weakens your message. Be intentional with your English.
  • Expecting the audience to figure out your story – A common mistake. This is your journey; therefore no one is more invested in ensuring the story is true and clear – than you. You would not leave the fate of your future in a random stranger’s hands. Why leave it to others to interpret your story? Take ownership and be clear and intentional with your CV.
  • Understatement – Articulate your achievements. Be sure to state your accomplishments confidently without crossing the line into loud self-promotion. Find your true voice. Downplaying your successes with the good intention of demonstrating humility, can backfire and undermine your hard-earned successes. Get the tone right.

Final Note:
The most valuable insights from your previous work experiences can be overlooked. It is easy to focus on obvious wins and forget to include the story of how you got there. This context is essential to provide depth and meaning to your career story. The CV and interview process offer the opportunity to share your story. If you can articulate those experiences with authenticity and clarity, the result is compelling. On a practical note, it can also lead to your dream job.

Let Clearstone Coaching guide you on your CV journey. The Clearstone Method is one that uses a combination of ICI coaching methods alongside English communication training to help you master the high performance workplace.

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